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Denver Urban Gardens Community Gardens


There are more than 130 active community gardens in the Denver Urban Gardens network. With the exception of a small number of gardens that serve specific communities, DUG community gardens are open to the public.

  • Plot availability: Our volunteer garden leaders are currently determining which community gardeners are returning, and how many plots they will have available for the coming season. When they report to us that their community garden is full for the 2015 season, we will mark that garden with a yellow tag. At this time, if a garden is marked with a blue tag, it may mean that there are available plots, or it may mean that garden leaders are still checking in with gardeners from the previous year, and don't yet know if they will have available plots or not. 
  • Joining a community garden: To join a DUG community garden, call or email us with the name of the community garden you're interested in, and we will give you the contact information for the volunteer garden leader that handles membership at that particular garden. Depending on plot availability, the garden leader will either confirm that you have a plot, or add you to the waitlist if the garden is full for the season. In the off season and in early spring, the garden leader may still be waiting to hear from past gardeners and may not yet know if they will have available plots. In that case, they will add your name to the waitlist and contact you if a plot becomes available. Click here to learn more about joining a garden. 
  • Finding a community garden: Prefer a list to a map? Our community garden list is organized by city and neighborhood.   

Zoom into your neighborhood to find community gardens near you. Click on a tag to view the name and address of the garden. 

  • Blue tags mark community gardens that are open to the public, and have not yet been reported as full for 2015. 
  • Yellow tags mark community gardens that are open to the public but have been reported as full for 2015. 
  • Red tags mark community gardens that serve a specific community and are not open to the public. 

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For more information about any of these community gardens, please contact us.