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Curtis Park Community Garden

2890 Curtis Street, Denver
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Five Points 

Established 1990

Curtis Park Community Garden

This diverse garden attracts long time residents of the historic neighborhood and newcomers alike, creating an eclectic mix of gardeners who share a common desire to get their hands dirty.

Historic Curtis Park is named for the oldest park in Denver. The Victorian homes that give this neighborhood its charm were first built in the early 1870's. Curtis Park is also home to the Sacred Heart Church, Denver's oldest operating church, attended by the Unsinkable Molly Brown and by Baby Doe Tabor.  Within Curtis Park boundaries there has always been a mix of residential housing, commerce, warehousing and industrial usage.

This funky, urban garden has a grassroots spontaneity that welcomes all who enter. You are likely to meet artists, young families, and participants who have deep family roots in the community. Earth Links and the Dandelion Project have both partnered with Denver Urban Gardens to connect their participants with the magic of growing vegetables and tending the earth.



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