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2015 Active Community Gardens

There are more than 135 active community gardens in the Denver Urban Gardens network. Gardens in the list below are sorted by city. With the exception of a small number of gardens that serve specific communities, DUG community gardens are open to the public. 

*Gardens marked with an asterisk are full for 2015. 

  • More on plot availability: Our volunteer garden leaders are currently determining which community gardeners are returning, and how many plots they will have available for the coming season. When they report to us that their community garden is full for the 2015 season, we will mark that garden with an asterisk. At this time, if a garden is not marked with an asterisk, it may mean that there are available plots, or it may mean that garden leaders are still checking in with gardeners from the previous year, and don't yet know if they will have available plots or not. 
  • Joining a community garden: To join a DUG community garden, call or email us with the name of the community garden you're interested in, and we will give you the contact information for the volunteer garden leader that handles membership at that particular garden. Depending on plot availability, the garden leader will either confirm that you have a plot, or add you to the waitlist if the garden is full for the season. In the off season and in early spring, the garden may still be waiting to hear from past gardeners and may not yet know if they will have available plots. In that case, they will add your name to the waitlist and contact you if a plot becomes available. Click here to learn more about joining a garden. 
  • School-Based Community Gardens: All school-based community gardens in Denver require background checks from gardeners. Click here for more information about Denver Public Schools' background check policy.
  • Finding a community garden: Prefer a map to a list? Our community garden map allows you to zoom into your neighborhood to find community gardens that are close to you. 


Community gardens in the city and county of Denver are sorted by neighborhood- be sure to look for gardens in your own neighborhood, as well as neighborhoods close to you.

Auraria-Lincoln Park Neighborhood
Tapiz Community Garden - 1099 Osage Court (Not open to the public.)

Baker Neighborhood

Atlantis Communities Garden - 201 S Cherokee (Not open to the public.)
Baker Community Garden - 75 W Bayaud*
Casa Verde Community Garden - 401 Galapago Street*
Denver Center for International Studies Community Garden - 574 W 6th Avenue*
Fairmont School Community Garden - 520 W 3rd Avenue*
St. Peter & St. Mary's Community Garden - 126 W 2nd Avenue*

Barnum Neighborhood
Lowell Street Community Garden - 150 Lowell Boulevard

Berkeley Neighborhood
Mount St. Vincent Community Garden  - 4150 Lowell Boulevard*

Capitol Hill Neighborhood
Morey Middle School Community Garden - 840 E 14th Avenue*

Cherry Creek Neighborhood
Bromwell School Community Garden - 2500 E 4th Avenue*
Kavod Senior Life Community Garden - 22 S Adams Street (Not open to the public.) 

City Park West Neighborhood
Marian Plaza Community Garden - 1818 Marion Street* (This garden is under construction for the 2015 season)
Metro CareRing Community Garden - E 18th Avenue & Gilpin Street (The garden is open to volunteers wishing to grow produce for Metro CareRing. To learn more, click here.) 

Clayton Neighborhood
Harrington School Community Garden - 2401 E 37th Avenue

Cole Neighborhood
Bruce Randolph Community Garden - 1402 Bruce Randolph Avenue (Not open to the public.)
Mitchell School Community Garden - 1350 E 33rd Avenue*

Congress Park Neighborhood
Denver Botanic Gardens Community Garden - At Denver Botanic Gardens*
Gove Community Garden - 1325 Colorado Boulevard*

East Colfax Neighborhood
New Freedom Community Garden - Xenia Street and 13th*
Garden Court Community Garden - 1150 Syracuse Street (Not open to the public.)
Xenia Village Community Garden - 1415 Xenia Street (Not open to the public.)

Elyria Swansea Neighborhood
El Oasis de Lorraine at Focus Points Family Resource Center - 2501 E 48th Avenue
Swansea School Community Garden - 4650 Columbine Street

Five Points Neighborhood
City Lights Community Garden at Benedict Park Place - 410 Park Avenue West (Priority for residents of Benedict Park Place)*
San Rafael Community Garden - 2245 Emerson Street*

Globeville Neighborhood
Globeville Community Garden - 5075 Lincoln Street
Taxi Community Garden - 3455 Ringsby Court*

Hale Neighborhood
Palmer School Community Garden - 995 Grape Street*

Hampden Neighborhood
East Yale Community Garden at Fox Crossing - 8350 E Yale*

Hampden South Neighborhood
Samuels Elementary School Community Garden - 3985 S Vincennes Court*
Southmoor School Community Garden - 3755 S Magnolia Way

Harvey Park Neighborhood
Doull School Community Garden - 2520 S Utica Street 

Highland Neighborhood
Academia Sandoval School Community Garden - 35th & Wyandot*
El Oasis Community Garden - 1847 W 35th Avenue*
Honor Community Garden at Valdez School - 2525 W 29th Avenue*
Pecos Community Garden - 3230 Pecos Street* 
Shoshone Community Garden - 3250 Shoshone Street*

Hilltop Neighborhood
Denver Language School Community Garden - Niagara Street & E 4th Avenue*
Steck School Community Garden - 425 Ash Street*

Jefferson Park Neighborhood
Jefferson Park Community Garden - Clay Street & W 27th Avenue*

Lincoln Park Neighborhood
Courthouse Square Community Garden - Santa Fe & 14th (Not open to the public.)
Elati Community Garden - 840 Elati Street*
Greenlee School Community Garden - 1150 Lipan Street*

Lowry Neighborhood
Blue Spruce Community Garden - Quebec Street & Severn Avenue
Ekar Community Garden - 6825 E Alameda
Golfer's Way Community Garden - 448 N Golfer's Way (Not open to the public.)
Lowry School Community Garden - 8001 E. Cedar Avenue (This is a shared garden with no individual plots but the public is welcome to participate and share in communal summer harvesting.)

Lowry Field Neighborhood
Lowry Family Community Garden - 550 Alton Way*

Mar Lee Neighborhood
Johnson School Community Garden - 1850 S Irving Street*

Montbello Neighborhood
Montbello Five Loaves Community Garden - 4879 Crown Boulevard*
Jardín de Esperanza at Maxwell School - 14390 E Bolling Drive

Park Hill Neighborhood
Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Community Garden - 2201 Dexter Street (Not open to the public.)

Platte Park Neighborhood
South Grant Community Garden - 1700 S Grant Street*

Regis Neighborhood

Regis University Community Garden - Lowell Boulevard between 52nd & 53rd Avenues*

Rosedale Neighborhood
Rosedale Community Garden - 2332 S Sherman Street*

Ruby Hill Neighborhood
Ruby Hill Park Community Garden - W Florida Avenue & S Platte River Drive

Sherrelwood (Unicorporated Adams County)
Anythink Perl Mack Library Community Garden - 7611 Hilltop Circle*

Skyland Neighborhood
Barrett School Community Garden - 2900 Richard Allen Court*
RAMERC Community Garden - 2811 Harrison Street*
Community Garden at Shorter African Methodist Episcopal Church - 3100 Richard Allen Court (This is a shared garden. This garden is open to the community, but there are no individual plots.)

Sloan Lake Neighborhood
Brown School Community Garden - 2550 Lowell Boulevard*

South Park Hill Neighborhood
Park Hill School Community Garden - 5050 E 19th Avenue*

Speer Neighborhood
West Washington Park Community Garden - 201 Grant Street*

Stapleton Neighborhood
Stapleton Community Garden at The Urban Farm - 10200 Smith Road
Stapleton Greenway Community Garden - E 23rd Avenue and Spruce Street*

Sun Valley Neighborhood
Fairview School Community Garden -  2715 W 11th Avenue*
Family Crisis Center Community Garden - 2929 W 10th Avenue (Not open to the public.)
The Gardens at Mountain View Towers/Eliot Cottages - 1222 S Federal Blvd (Not open to the public.):

  • Columbine Garden
  • Eliot Spring Garden
  • Mountain View Garden 

Sunnyside Neighborhood
Quigg Newton Community Garden - 4408 Mariposa Way
Troy Chavez Memorial Peace Community Garden - 3825 Shoshone Street

Union Station Neighborhood
Halcyon House Community Garden - 1955 Arapahoe Street (Not open to the public.)

University Neighborhood
DU Bridge Community Garden - 2320 S Race Street*

University Hills Neighborhood
Heather Regan Memorial Community Garden at Bradley International School - 3051 S Elm Street*

Virginia Village Neighborhood
Cook Park Community Garden at RMSEL - 1700 S Holly
Ellis School Community Garden North - 1651 S Dahlia Street*
Ellis School Community Garden South - 1651 S Dahlia Street

Washington Park Neighborhood
Steele School Community Garden - 320 S Marion Parkway*
Urquhart Memorial Community Garden - 1350 E Florida Avenue*

Washington Virginia Vale Neighborhood
Denver Green School Community Garden - 6700 E Virginia Avenue*
McMeen School Community Garden - 1000 South Holly Street*
Place Bridge Academy School Community Garden - 7125 Cherry Creek North Drive* (Closed for relocation during the 2015 season)

West Colfax Neighborhood
Cheltenham School Community Garden - 1580 Julian Street
Mulroy Community Garden - 1300 Knox Court (Not open to the public.)
West Colfax Community Urban Garden - Vrain Street and West Wells Place 

West Highland Neighborhood
Edison School Community Garden - 3350 Quitman Street
Highland Gardens Village Community Garden - 36th Place between Utica & Vrain Streets*

Westwood Neighborhood
Owen Boys & Girls Club Garden - 3480 W Kentucky Avenue (Not open to the public.)
SWIC All Nations Community Garden - 999 S Lowell
Westwood Community Garden - 968 S Newton Street*

Whittier Neighborhood
Agape Community Garden - 2965 Williams (Not open to the public)
Barney Ford Heights Community Garden - 2024 Clarkson Street (Not open to the public.)
The Growasis Community Garden - 3060 Lafayette Street*
Whittier School Community Garden - 2480 Downing Street*


Arvada Mennonite Community Garden - 5927 Miller Street*
Little Sprouts Community Garden - 8448 Otis Drive*
Rose Roots Community Garden - 84th and Alkire


Beeler Street Community Garden - 1675 Beeler Street*
Blue Chair Community Garden - 1416 Dayton Street*
DeLaney Community Garden - 170 S Chambers Road* (At DeLaney Community Farm)
Chadash Community Garden - 9840 E 17th Avenue
Fletcher Community Garden - 9898 E Colfax Avenue
Hinkley High School Community Garden - 1250 Chambers Road
Mountain View United Church Community Garden - 10700 E Evans
North Middle School Community Garden - 12095 Montview Boulevard
Parkview United Church Community Garden - 12444 E Parkview Drive
Spencer Garrett Park Community Garden - E 17th Avenue & Joliet Street
Wood Adventist Church Community Garden - 1159 S Moline Street* (Temporarily closed for 2015) 

Commerce City

Anythink Commerce City Library Community Garden - 7185 Monaco Street
Helping Hands Community Garden - 5770 Niagara Street (Not open to the public.)
Sunshine Center Community Garden - 7111 E 56th Avenue 


Edgewater Community Garden - 2444 Depew
Saints Community Garden at Jefferson High School - 2305 Pierce Street*


Charles Hay Community Garden - 3195 S Lafayette Street
City of Englewood Community Garden - 601 W Dartmouth Ave*
Clayton School Community Garden - 4600 S Fox Street*
First Plymouth Church Community Garden - 3501 S Colorado Boulevard (Temporarily closed for 2015)*
H.O.P.E Garden Community Englewood - 4073 S Bannock Street (This is a shared garden. This garden is open to the community, but there are no individual plots.)


Applewood Community Garden - 12930 W 32nd Avenue*
Golden Community Garden - 1506 8th Street
Golden Natural Grocers Community Garden - 2401 Ford Street
Golden Pointe Community Garden - 17414 W 10th Ave (Not open to the public.)


The Belmar Community Garden at The Learning Source - 455 S Pierce Street*
Creekside Community Garden - 17th & Pierce
 (Not open to the public.)
Eaton Senior Community Garden at The Residences - 333 S Eaton Street (Not open to the public.)
Eiber School Community Garden - 1385 Independence Street*
Gray Street Community Garden - Gray Street & W Third Avenue*
H.O.P.E Garden Community Lakewood - Taft Street & Colfax Avenue (This is a shared garden. This garden is open to the community, but there are no individual plots.)
Maplewood Apartments Community Garden - 856 S. Van Gordon Court (Not open to the public.)
Jefferson County Boys and Girls Club Community Garden - 1275 S Teller Street (This garden serves school and program participants does not have public plots. Volunteers are welcome.)
Ute Trail Community Garden - 13130 W Jewell Avenue*
Willow Glen Community Garden - 1585 Kipling (Not open to the public.)


Chatfield Community Garden at St. Gregory's - 6653 W Chatfield Avenue

Lone Tree

Lone Tree Community Garden - 9375 Heritage Hills Circle*


Anythink Wright Farms Library Community - 5877 E 120th Avenue*
Renaissance 88 Community Garden - 388 E 88th Avenue
 (Not open to the public.)


Allison Gardens at Semper Farm - NW Corner of 92nd & Pierce*
Mountain Terrace Community Garden - 3650 W 84th Avenue (Not open to the public.)
Westminster Community Garden - 72nd Avenue between Raleigh & Bradburn*

Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge Town Center Community Garden - 4340 Vance Street (Not open to the public.)