We’re celebrating 35 years of impact!

DUG has been cultivating urban gardeners, growing food, and nourishing communities across metro Denver since 1985. In honor of our 35th Anniversary, we are raising $50,000 in 5 weeks and we need your support to reach our goal!

Help us reach our goal and unlock a $25,000 challenge match!

Donate directly and encourage your network to do so, too. 


Donate to an individual fundraising page on Colorado Gives to support our fundraisers as they try to reach their individual fundraising goals!

We’re grateful to our sponsors for their continued support of DUG!

How to set up your own individual fundraising page on Colorado Gives

Check out the video on setting up an individual giving page with Colorado Gives. Then, get our campaign setup tools below to easily set up your page with DUG branding, photos, and campaign language.

Get our campaign page setup tools

Tips for getting started...

STEP 01. Set your fundraising goal.

While we’ve set one optional fundraising goal at $350, you should set a goal that feels good to you!  What will be ambitious enough to feel like a challenge but also reasonable enough for you to accomplish it?

We’ve put together a One-week to Fundraise $350 plan that you can use or edit for your own needs. Download it here.

STEP 02. Create your campaign page.

Your individual fundraising page will be your home base for the campaign.  Your appeal will be much more compelling to your friends and family if you make your campaign page your own.

Add a photo, tell a personal story about what DUG means to you, or share about someone who has inspired you to fundraise in their honor.

STEP 03. Build your lists.

Think about your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, congregants…your network is likely expansive! As you consider who you want to reach out to, think about these three things: 1) who cares about you 2) who is passionate about DUG’s mission and work 3) who has resources to give. Don’t think because someone isn’t wealthy, that they don’t have resources to give. $5 and $10 can make a big difference to your overall goal!