DeLaney Community Farm Partners

We would like to thank our partners, who believe in our work at DeLaney Community Farm, and help us to reach our goals in various ways. Please consider supporting our sponsors!

Bogs Footwear creates waterproof footwear is built from durable rubber and leather to keep you dry. Bogs is also “inspired and proud to support the people and communities that see potential to grow healthy food wherever they live.” Each year, Bogs donates durable work boots to our DeLaney team, that keeps our feet safe and dry.

Center for Student Missions connects faith-based groups with a wide variety of service opportunities. CSM supplies organizations with a City Host, who has been trained to handle both the logistics of your trip and help your group process what you’re experiencing. This enables you and your leadership to serve alongside your students.

CSM has partnered with DeLaney Community Farm for more than six years. CSM provides volunteers groups, from various parts of the country, several times a week from June-August. CSM has played an essential role at DeLaney, helping us to growing produce, resulting in higher quantities of vegetable reaching our members.

The Marcus Foundation funds and partners with organizations that are making a difference in the delivery of community food resources or are expanding the understanding and implementation of sustainability. The Foundation understands community food resources to encompass a web of issues related to hunger, including poverty, community development and economic policy.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery: Every year, Snooze, An AM Eatery supports our annual fundraiser, the Snooze Brunch in the Field. Without their generous support this important event would not be possible.

SunShine Paper Company is DeLaney’s local source for weed guard. At SunShine Paper, they focus on designing products that utilize natural, sustainable and renewable materials.

Valley Oak Tool Company is DeLaney’s source for wheel hoes. They manufacture and sell the best quality broadforks, wheel hoes and garden tools for your small farm or garden. All of their hand made tools are designed for ease of use and durability.

Interested in helping DeLaney Community Farm achieve their mission? Contact us here!