Garden Troubleshooting

Prevention is the best approach when it comes to managing pests and diseases in an organic garden. By mid-summer, you may have questions about the health and productivity of some of your garden plants. Learn to distinguish beneficial insects from pest insects and about the wide variety of conditions that allow diseases to flourish. Other techniques that encourage crop health, such as succession and companion planting, organic pest control remedies, and harvesting will be discussed. Class participants are encouraged to bring in small samples of vegetable plants with leaves, stems or fruit that are of concern.

This workshop will take place at DUG Headquarters, located at 1031 33rd Street, slightly north of downtown Denver, on Saturday, June 15th from 10:00am – 12:30pm

The cost of this workshop is $25. Scholarships are available! For more information, please contact Brittany Pimentel, Horticulture Program Coordinator, here.