The Great Day of Gardening

Whether you garden on a balcony, backyard, or community garden, we’re calling on gardeners to action for
The Great Day of Gardening!

Join DUG + CSU Extension Master Gardeners on May 14th from 9am-12pm at community gardens across the DUG Network to check out our community gardens, meet other gardeners near you, and learn practical tips for a successful gardening season!

The CSU Extension Master Gardeners will be on hand throughout the day,
and will be offering 30-min demos at the gardens at 9:30 am and 11:00 am.

Join the Growing Movement! 

Whether in a community garden, your backyard, your patio, or even in your windowsill, growing a garden is a meaningful (not to mention fun and relaxing!) way to take action towards healthier people and planet. 

Organic gardening restores soil health by building healthy biomes, draws carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil, strengthens local food systems, and provides crucial habitats for pollinators.

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