Employment with Denver Urban Gardens

Click here if you would like to receive notice when internship or employment opportunities are posted. Note: Due in part to a wide base of volunteer support for our community gardens and programs, Denver Urban Gardens operates with a small staff and experiences a low rate of turnover.

Interning with Denver Urban Gardens

Internships at Denver Urban Gardens provide broad experience in a grassroots nonprofit. Seasonal opportunities may include internships in:

  • Farming
  • Farm Programs and Outreach
  • Youth Education
  • Community Garden Construction
  • Supporting Community Garden Leadership
  • Food Access and Food Policy (as it relates to community gardens and urban agriculture)
  • Communications and Fundraising

Because funding availability and program needs vary from year to year, Denver Urban Gardens does not have a regular internship schedule, and internship positions may be paid or unpaid. Click here to receive notice when an intern or employment opportunity is posted.