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DUG Listserv guidelines:

  • Please remember to include your contact information, as well as the contact information or link related to your topic.
  • If your posting concerns an event, please remember to include the date, time, location, and link or contact information for more details.
  • Please post original messages to the DUG listserv. Email forwards, particularly if they offer no explanation from the sender, can be confusing.
  • This listserv is moderated to prevent spam and inappropriate postings, so your message may not appear until the next day. If you send your message on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your message may not appear until the following Monday. If you would like your message moderated immediately, please call the Denver Urban Gardens office during regular business hours, Monday – Friday at 303.292.9900.
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  • When posting to the listserv, please stick to topics regarding urban agriculture, organic growing methods and horticulture. The purpose of this board is to foster a sense of purpose and fellowship within the local urban agriculture community and to serve as a resource for those curious about local horticulture. While we see the value in discussing broader issues related to agriculture, we want to make sure the primary focus of this listserv is on local urban agriculture, organic growing methods and horticulture.

Please refrain from posting messages that include:

  • Promotion of non-organic growing practices
  • Events or topics unrelated to gardening or urban agriculture in Colorado
  • Promotion of for-profit events or products
  • Endorsements of political candidates
  • Email forwards that have not been verified with reliable outside sources

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