DUG Micro Networks

In order to better strengthen connections between metro Denver gardeners, we have organized our community garden network into seven Micro Networks, designed to facilitate events for both DUG community gardeners and local backyard gardeners to meet, as well as create inclusive garden spaces for learning with and from one another.

Micro Network Areas

Micro Networks are organized geographically but purposefully created without boundary lines. Home gardeners are encouraged to explore multiple Micro Network events that are located near them.

Maroon: Northside Nasturtiums

Orange: Midtown Mungbeans

Green: Southwest Sugar Snap Peas

Blue: Aurora

Coral: Southern Spicy Peppers

Purple: Central Cucumbers

Yellow: East Central Endives

2023 Micro Network Events

Join us throughout the gardening season as we bring our Organic Gardening Learning Lab and Learn To Compost Workshops to gardens throughout metro Denver. These events are free and are open to anyone wishing to attend.