Ordering Compost for Community Gardens

Please call Rosa Floral (303.452.8237) to order the pathway and plot supplies for your garden.

You will not have to pay for your order upfront. Rosa Floral will bill DUG and we will deduct it from your Garden account. Before you order, check your account balance and make sure you have the funds to cover the cost. Depending on delivery distance, 6 yards of compost costs $254-$275. Compost is $34 per yard through Rosa Floral.

If you need assistance, email us.

If you have no need for your compost, or if your garden has enough money in its account to pay extra, please consider paying it forward and helping another garden. 

A note: the average established 10’ X 15’ plot requires 1/4 to 1/2 of a yard of compost per season. This provides enough compost to be spread 1/2” to 1” thick per plot. Newer plots often benefit from a little extra compost, while older plots are more seasoned and do not require as much.

Thank you for helping DUG continue to help you!