Request a School Garden Cultivator Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in requesting a School Garden Cultivator volunteer to support your garden-based programming! Please take a moment to review the requirements for hosting a Cultivator volunteer. We ask that requests are made at least two weeks in advance and that any necessary materials are provided.

Request a School Garden Cultivator Here!

Why Request a School Garden Cultivator?

  1. Volunteers who complete the School Garden Cultivator training receive 12 hours of lessons covering best practices for working with youth in a garden setting, and have been trained on how to successfully implement and support the Garden to Cafeteria and Youth Farm Stand programs, as well as garden-based lessons.
  2. Requests can be made for Cultivator volunteers to participate in one-time events, such as tabling at a back to school night to promote garden-based programs, as well as for supporting on-going garden programming.
  3. Volunteers have completed a background check through the CBI office.

Who Can Request a School Garden Cultivator?

Any school garden leader or teacher at a school with an active DUG community garden and who needs additional support in implementing the Garden to Cafeteria and/or Youth Farm Stand programs. Cultivator volunteers can also be asked to help teach one-time garden-based lessons, assist with after-school garden clubs and/or table at school or community events.

Requirements for Requesting a Cultivator:

We ask all school garden leaders and/or teachers who request a School Garden Cultivator to meet the requirements listed below.

  1. Help coordinate the schedule for garden-based youth education programs with appropriate school staff. Schedule must be determined before requesting support from a School Garden Cultivator.
  2. Recruit students to participate in the program(s).
  3. Act as the primary contact for volunteers, school staff, and DUG staff.
  4. Provide program support for the School Garden Cultivator(s). This includes attending and participating in all scheduled program dates to provide classroom management and support as needed by the volunteers.
  5. Complete all program evaluation materials (up to three surveys per school year).

We’d like to thank the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation and the Peternell Family Foundation for their generous support of the School Garden Cultivator program.