Free Seeds & Transplants Volunteer Opportunities

By January 15, 2014posts

Each January, DUG distributes applications for our Free Seeds and Transplants Program to in-need individuals, families, schools, churches, and senior centers throughout Metro Denver. In early February, we will collect over 3,000 applications from those same centers, and enter the information into a database so that we can order vegetable seeds and transplants to be delivered for spring planting. 

We are seeking volunteers to assist with data entry for this program! For each data entry shift listed below, we can take up to seven volunteers.
  • All shifts are full- thank you to our wonderful volunteers!
Volunteers interested in this opportunity should be detail oriented, comfortable using Microsoft Excel and database programs such as FileMaker, and not mind repetitive data entry tasks. You are welcome to bring your headphones if you want to listen to music. Because we will be signing up as many volunteers as we have spare computers, we ask that you only sign up for this opportunity if you are absolutely sure you can make it.

If you have any questions about this volunteer opportunity, feel free to contact us hereTo learn more about the Free Seeds and Transplants Program, click here