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Grow Your Skills with DUG

Denver Urban Gardens’ education programming has been supporting urban gardeners across metro Denver for more than twenty years.

Our programs are founded upon a deep respect for all people and their traditions, organic practices that regenerate the earth, and activating knowledge in diverse ways.

We believe that there is no one right way to garden, compost, or practice sustainability, and our classes and workshops are designed to honor the wisdom that we all carry. It is our goal for all our participants to connect with community, listen and learn from one another, and engage with the ideas and pass them on.

Our programming also reflects our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. All of our workshops are offered at a pay-what-you-can, sliding scale. The suggested program fee of $40 per workshop supports the true cost of materials, space rental, and instructor compensation. Participants are able to choose an amount (from $0 to $40+) that is aligned with their financial resources and is meaningful to them.

Additionally, while our workshops are taught in English, live interpretation in other languages is available upon request in the registration form. All our printed materials are available in both English and Spanish, with other language resources additionally available upon request.

Urban Roots Garden Education

We offer in-depth, in-person classes on growing organically to expand your skills and confidence growing in our high-desert urban climate. Classes can be taken individually or register to attend the full series for a complete introduction to gardening, from starting seeds to putting your garden to bed.

Composting Workshops

Ready to make your own ‘black gold’? Want to give your plants extra nutrition through the application of compost tea? Healthy soils lead to healthy food and healthy people. There are many ways to practice composting, whether by processing end-of-season plant materials in your backyard, vermicomposting with worms, or utilizing a green cart pick-up service. Learn ways to utilize composting to tread more gently on the earth.

Sustainability Skills Series

There are so many ways to take meaningful climate action while living in an urban environment. Learn ways to engage and interact with nature while both conserving and utilizing natural resources, growing food and preserving your harvest, and improving your practical DIY skills.

Fruit Tree Basics

Urban fruit trees offer a dual benefit to city residents by providing a continuous source of food for both humans and animals while also contributing to carbon offset and mitigating the heat island effect. These workshops allow participants to discover effective care practices for fruit trees that thrive in Colorado’s urban environment. 

Calendar of Upcoming Programming


With special thanks to this year’s Community Education sponsor, Delta Dental!