Adopt A DUG Garden

What is garden adoption?

When you adopt a DUG garden, you’re investing in a precious community resource by ensuring one (or more) of our community gardens has the necessary physical and human resources to thrive. Garden adoption also comes with some great perks for you and your business, too!

How does it work?

A list of adoptable gardens for you to choose from will be identified by DUG’s garden team based on gardens of highest need near your company’s HQ, outlets, or employees’ homes (you let us know!).
Garden adoptions are a three-year minimum commitment to ensure consistency of resources from season to season. Yearly adoption fees go directly towards what DUG staff determines to be immediate garden needs, with any surplus funding applied to DUG’s Baseline Infrastructure Initiative (BII), which further ensures equity across the entire DUG network.

What are the benefits?

  • A meaningful way to give back through active philanthropy that goes beyond just writing a check.
  • “Adopted by” sign with your company’s logo on the garden fence on or near the entrance, providing high-value exposure to a highly engaged community in close proximity to your business.
  • One team-building workday per year and in-garden opportunities for team members to invest in their health and work shoulder to shoulder and in partnership with their neighbors.
    • Workdays may or may not be at the adopted garden, depending on season and need.
  • Access to a private gardening workshop for your team with adoption of five or more gardens

What are the Responsibilities?

  • Ongoing stewardship of the garden in partnership with the Garden Leadership to ensure the garden community is maintained and thriving.
  • Promotion of your partnership with DUG at your business to provide exposure and awareness for DUG beyond the garden itself–we’ve got you covered with signage, stickers, and brochures!

Adoption Costs

Adoption fees are $2,500 /garden /year with a three-year minimum commitment required.

Optional Add-On

Do your part to contribute to a healthy pollinator ecosystem*! Add a fully-supported and maintained beehive to a garden for an additional $2,500/year through DUG’s partnership with Alvéole

Your sponsorship Includes:

  • Branded hive
  • Branded honey for corporate gifting
  • Hive web page to track progress
  • One beekeeping workshop

*Requires full consensus of gardeners.

Connect with us to learn more and get started:  

Linda Appel Lipsius, Executive Director, at | 720.250.7003 or
Elaine Duncan, Director of Growth & Strategic Partnerships, at | 202.270.1230

With Gratitude to our Garden Adopters