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Garden leaders are highly encouraged to take DUG’s online Garden Leader Training course, which explains DUG’s expectations of community gardens, highlights resources available to garden leaders and gardeners, and provides tried and true tips for effective garden management.

This self-guided training is designed for:
  • new community and school Garden Leaders
  • existing Garden Leaders who want to brush up on the resources that DUG provides
  • any Garden Leaders desiring a better understanding of DUG policies
Please note: Garden Leaders at school-based community gardens must read the important material regarding background checks.
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Resources for DUG Garden Leaders

In order to start the garden season smoothly, we’ve compiled an essential, need-to-know guide for your convenience, the 2021 Resources and Helpful Things to Know. It includes information about:

  • Plot applications & waivers
  • Ordering compost
  • Water, including approximate turn on and off timelines and what to do in the event of a water system break
  • How to request a Master Community Gardener presentation
  • Mulch and straw resources

Please review this prior to contacting the DUG office. Odds are this document has the information you need! Additionally, the links below provide information and resources for effective community garden management.

How to:

Policies and Troubleshooting:

Helpful Tools: