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Culturally Inclusive Seeds

This program is currently only open to DUG gardens


The Culturally Inclusive Seeds program is designed to support community members with marginalized identities in DUG gardens by providing access to rare and specialty plant varieties selected with an emphasis on cultural inclusivity. DUG believes that meaningful and sustainable food access prioritizes foods that are familiar and desirable to you, no matter who you are. Through this program, DUG supports a global array of growing and culinary practices in celebration of our shared diversity.

The program gives DUG gardeners free access to 64 specialty varieties that are often harder and more expensive to source locally in Colorado. By reducing the time and cost involved in acquiring these seeds, DUG intends to make community food generation a reality for more community members in Denver.

Office Hours

Are you a DUG garden leader and have questions about the program? Please email or stop by the office during these hours:

  • Tuesday through Thursday from 9am to 2pm (excluding holidays!)
  • Wednesdays from 9am to 7pm (excluding holidays!)

*These extended hours are seasonal and based on staff availability. If you plan to visit our office and want to confirm office hours, please call our office at (303) 292-9900 Tuesday through Thursday 9am-2pm.


This is the first official season of the program! More to come. So far in 2024, our impact is:

Gardens Reached
Gardeners Supported
Seed Packets Distributed
Plant Varieties Offered
Vendor Partnerships
Years in Action

Seed Varieties

  • Agastache (Licorice Mint)
  • Amaranth (Callaloo)
  • Amaranth (Hopi Red)
  • Basil (Thai Siam Queen)
  • Basil (Thai Sweet)
  • Beans (Akasanjaku Yardlong)
  • Beans (Anasazi)
  • Beans (Black)
  • Beans (Chickpea)
  • Beans (Chinese Yardlong)
  • Beans (Edamame)
  • Beans (Fava)
  • Beans (Mung)
  • Beans (Pinto)
  • Bittermelon (Satsuma Onaga)
  • Broccoli (Chinese)
  • Burdock 
  • Cilantro (Vietnamese) 
  • Corn (Chihuahua Blue) 
  • Corn (Concha White) 
  • Cucumber (Chinese Long) 
  • Cucumber (Sikkim) 
  • Eggplant (Indian Petch Siam) 
  • Eggplant (Long Green) 
  • Eggplant (Taiwanese Long Ping Tung) 
  • Epazote 
  • Gourd (Luffa) 
  • Greens (Chijimisai)
  • Greens (Chun Yeon Gold Cabbage) 
  • Greens (Collard) 
  • Greens (Molokhia) 
  • Greens (Pak Choi) 
  • Greens (Tatsoi) 
  • Groundcherry 
  • Lentils (Black) 
  • Lentils (Green)
  • Lentils (Red) 
  • Marjoram 
  • Moringa (Dwarf container variety) 
  • Okra (Burmese) 
  • Okra (Clemson Spineless)
  • Okra (Crimson) 
  • Peas (Snow) 
  • Pepper (Bhut Jolokia)
  • Pepper (Guajillo) 
  • Pepper (Japanese Yatsufusa) 
  • Pepper (Korean Gochujang) 
  • Pepper (Korean Wa Mae Wo) 
  • Pepper (Pasilla Bajio) 
  • Pepper (Poblano) 
  • Pepper (Shishito) 
  • Pepper (Thai Bird) 
  • Pepper (Thai Prik Mun) 
  • Radish (Daikon) 
  • Radish (Red Rat’s Tail) 
  • Sesame 
  • Shiso (Green)
  • Shiso (Red) 
  • Sorghum (African) 
  • Squash (Hairy) 
  • Squash (Kabocha) 
  • Squash (Kousa) 
  • Tomatillo (Green) 
  • Tomatillo (Purple)

Disclaimer: The translations listed on the catalog pages are unofficial and represent DUG’s good faith effort to communicate these seed variety names as broadly as possible. If you notice an error or have a recommendation, please email so that the next version of our catalog better serves Denver.

Order Instructions (Garden Leaders Only)

Special Icon Used

The “SI” icon signifies “Sow Indoors” and is used for seeds that we recommend starting early to maximize harvests in Colorado Front Range conditions. We recognize the varieties in this catalog have diverse needs, so please view this designation as suggestive.

Submission Instructions

We ask that only DUG Garden Leaders submit orders, rather than individual gardeners. We encourage Garden Leaders to consult with their gardeners before submitting an order and request 1 joint submission per DUG Garden.

To guarantee adequate lead time for SI varieties, please submit your order no later than March 1, 2024. Please submit your order via one of the following options:

  • Email digital form to
  • Mail to or drop off this physical catalog at the DUG office: 1031 33rd St. Denver, CO 80205
  • Email a photo or scan of this physical catalog to

Please note, March 1st is not a hard deadline. We ask that gardens try to get their orders in by then to give us enough time to mail the seeds with time to start indoors ahead of transplanting. DUG cannot guarantee after that orders placed after March 1st will have  enough time for a full 8-week indoor seedling head start.

Use Guidelines

The program aims to connect primarily BIPOC gardeners with specialty seed varieties that are familiar to them but hard to find locally. We encourage gardens to place an order consistent with this type of need in their space. The program is not intended for general or bulk ordering. Please use the catalog to meet specific needs from identified gardeners (especially gardeners with a cultural connection to a variety).

DUG has a large free seed collection available in the DUG office intended to meet the general/bulk seed needs of DUG gardens. Learn more about our Community Seed Distribution program!


Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the Culturally Inclusive Seeds program? Do you have suggestions about important seed varieties you think are missing? This program is community-driven and always open to your feedback. Please reach out to

Special Thanks

The varieties in this catalog represent the collective wisdom of community members and partners throughout the Front Range. For their collaboration in the development of this catalog, we would like to thank the following organizations:

Seed Vendors

  • Baker Creek
  • Botanical Interests
  • Kitazawa
  • MASA Seed Foundation
  • Renee’s Garden
  • Sandia Seed
  • Truelove Seeds
  • True Leaf

Community Partners

  • AMHR Cultural Development and Wellness Center – Alton Street
  • Aurora Seed Farm
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC) of Denver
  • Project Worthmore
  • Spirit of the Sun
  • Village Exchange Center

DUG Community Gardens

  • APDC Community Garden
  • Beeler Community Garden
  • Cole Community Garden
  • Greenlee School Community Garden
  • Montview Community Garden
  • Nome Park Community Garden

A special thank you to our Culturally Inclusive Seeds program sponsor, The Marcus Foundation.