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Private Group Educational Workshops

Denver Urban Gardens offers expertly facilitated, 60-minute workshops for your community group, organization, or business. We use a sliding-scale fee system to advance equity in our educational offerings. When booking a class (or multiple), please refer to the table to determine your projected cost.

Explore our workshop offerings below!

To learn more about requesting a community workshop for your group, please contact us at

Organization/Company’s Annual Operating Budget
Fee per Class
<$500,000* $150*
$500,000 – 1,000,000 $250
$1,000,000+ $500

*This lowest tier level is only available to grassroots/community organizations.

Avoiding Food Waste + Composting 101

This workshop explores the pressing issue of food waste, both on a national scale and within our local community. We’ll start by painting a picture of the current snapshot of food waste statistics, highlighting the magnitude of the problem and its environmental implications.

We’ll also dive into actionable strategies of waste diversion at the household level by discussing practical tips and tricks for minimizing waste in the kitchen, ways to manage organic waste in the home through composting, and best practices for diverting recyclables and organic materials from the landfill.

Basics of Organic Gardening

This workshop will explore the most important aspects of organic gardening in Colorado, and you’ll learn how to plan your garden so that you can make the most of your growing space throughout the season. Other topics include soil preparation, water conservation, planting from seed, transplanting seedlings, harvesting, and an overview of cool and warm-season crops.

Community Gardens as Spaces of Impact

Community Gardens are places of impact. Deceptively simple, this form of urban agriculture delivers outsized ROI in the form of strong communities, healthy soil and ecosystems, and individual food sovereignty. Go deep with DUG’s theory of change and learn why community gardens are moving from a nice-to-have to a must-have in thriving cities across the country.

Indoor Seed Starting

This workshop will guide you through the process of seed starting and set you up for success. Learn when to start different seeds, how to plant, water, thin, maintain and provide correct lighting for your newly-growing seedlings.

The Local Food System

This workshop discusses the history of our current food system – including many overlapping systems of oppression that have brought us to the present day. We discuss what the climate change crisis is asking of us and re-imagine what a modern and localized food system could look like. Finally, we discuss several direct actions and how there’s space for everyone to be more involved in solutions.

Garden Troubleshooting: Pests and Diseases

You’ve planned and planted your plot — now what? This workshop explores the organic principles of integrated pest management as well as prevention and remedy for common diseases and weather challenges. Learn to recognize common garden helpers + hindrances in their various life stages, and leave with strategies for a resilient garden.

Regenerative Agriculture Techniques: Working in Harmony with the Earth

Regenerative agriculture is a fairly new term that utilizes the age-old principles of earth stewardship & holistic concern for plants, microorganisms, and soil. This workshop will cover the importance of composting, mulching, an introduction to using water-wise landscape plantings, water conservation techniques, and the wonders of vermicomposting (composting with worms).

The focus will be on practices we can all use to create a rich blanket to cover our soils and provide strategies for small steps towards mitigating climate change.