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Denver Urban Gardens is rooted in a respect for the strength of diverse cultures and the unique talents they bring to horticulture. Its many community gardeners follow the principles of organic gardening, utilizing age-old and indigenous techniques that provide optimum conditions for the growth of healthy soil, plants, and people.
Organic gardening is a holistic approach that emphasizes the importance of the soil environment in producing high-quality crops, ornamentals, turf, trees and shrubs, grown without the input of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. Rather than focusing on specific products or remedies, the philosophy is grounded in a respect for biodiversity and preventative styles of management. Included in this systems approach is an understanding of renewable resources like composting, water conservation, planting crop varieties to suit the climate and season, crop rotation, cover crops, integrated pest management (including attracting beneficial insects), and the wise use of organic fertilizers.

Check out our Masterclass bundle, Organic Gardening for Beginners, available at pay-what-you-can pricing!

Our four Masterclasses are designed to support the beginning Colorado gardener throughout the year, from planning your plot in early spring to putting your garden to bed in late fall.

The Organic Gardening for Beginners bundle includes:

  • Planning Your Garden Masterclass

  • Maintaining Your Garden Masterclass

  • Transitioning into Fall Masterclass

  • Putting Your Garden To Bed Masterclass

Each course is offered at a pay-what-you-can, sliding scale model. Purchase them individually (suggested fee is $30), or buy the full bundle (suggested fee is $99).

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The DUG Education Blog

Explore our seasonal educational resources designed for the Colorado gardener.

A Year in the Garden

Learn how to connect with your garden year-round with our Senior Education Specialist, ‘Jungle Judy’ Elliott.

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DUG Online is the place to connect with other local gardeners, ask questions and get advice, share resources, be the first to know about upcoming DUG events and volunteer opportunities, and explore all of DUG’s educational resources.


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