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About DeLaney Community Farm


A project of Denver Urban Gardens, DeLaney is a community farm with a mission to grow healthy food for people in-need, provide meaningful education opportunities, and model sustainable, organic growing practices.  

The Mission

DeLaney Community Farm’s mission is fulfilled through these program areas:

  • A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that engages members in the mission of the farm
  • Food share programs to improve access to healthy produce for in-need communities
  • Hands-on trainings and internships in topics such as organic horticulture, healthy food preparation and preservation, and beekeeping

DeLaney is a 158-acre historic property located at 170 S. Chambers Road (between 1st and Alameda), on Aurora Parks & Open Space land.  The Farm is situated on one of metro-Denver’s most scenic and rare pastoral areas and is accessible by Highline and Tollgate Creek bicycle and pedestrian trails, car and bus.  DUG cultivates approximately 3 acres of mixed vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  

About Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between a local farmer and community members who invest in an annual membership, which covers the farm’s production cost of growing vegetables.  In turn, members receive a weekly share of the harvest during the local growing season.  This arrangement helps to guarantee the farm a tangible source of support. Click here to be notified about future CSA availability. 

Who We Serve

DeLaney’s members consist of shareholders, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) participants, Community Partners Shares (CPS), and local restaurants & markets. DeLaney supports the equivalent of 70 large vegetable shares each season.

Sustainable Agriculture and Produce

DeLaney strives to grow a variety of vegetables. Vegetables are available seasonally and natural factors such as drought, flooding, hail, and freezes affect the length of the season as well as quality, variety, and volume of produce available.

DeLaney integrates sustainable practices into its farm operations including integrated pest management, water conservation, experiments in soil conservation, cover crops, crop diversity, nutrient management, inter-cropping, etc. 

To learn more about the produce grown or sustainable agriculture at DeLaney, please contact Erika here


The apiary at DeLaney Community Farm includes beehives in two areas of the farm, and serves to improve pollination and harvest yield from many of the flowering vegetables and fruits grown at the farm. The apiary also serves the educational mission of DeLaney. As part of your visit to DeLaney, you will be invited to peek into the observation windows of the hives closest to the barn, and see the bees hard at work. (Remember to not stand directly in front of the hive entrances, as this can disturb the bees!) Honey beekeeping workshops are offered at DeLaney a number of times each spring and summer on Saturday mornings. Click here to view the DeLaney workshops and events schedule, or get in touch DeLaney's volunteer beekeepers Debbie and Allan Brown here!

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