DeLaney Community Farm

DeLaney Community Farm is a partnership between Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and Project Worthmore (PWM). Our mission for DeLaney is to support refugees through sustainable agriculture and community building.

The primary goals of DeLaney are to:

  • Provide the space, support, resources, and expertise for refugees to grow healthy, organically-produced food for themselves and their broader community;
  • Foster community development and integration through education and training programs, and relationship building;
  • Connect refugees to the local fresh food economy and promote economic resiliency through meaningful and dignified experiences;
  • Demonstrate small-scale, sustainable agricultural practices that reconnect refugees with the land in a productive and environmentally responsible manner.


DeLaney Community Farm sits on the 158-acre historic property, DeLaney Farm, located at 170 S. Chambers Road (between 1st and Alameda), on Aurora Parks & Open Space land. The farm is situated on one of metro Denver’s most scenic and rare pastoral areas and is accessible by Highline and Tollgate Creek bicycle and pedestrian trails, cars, and bus. If you are interested in learning more about the historic DeLaney Farm, please contact the Aurora History Museum.

DeLaney Community Farm was established by DUG in 1997, in partnership with the City of Aurora. Since its inception, the farm has served public CSA members, families from Women, Infants and Children (WIC), refugees from PWM, interns, apprentices, and farmers.

At its full expression, the DeLaney Community Farm will practice integrative farm management through the demonstration of regenerative farming practices while producing an abundance of fresh, nutrient-dense organic produce for local restaurants and the public through a low-cost CSA. 

We are seeking funding to grow and realize DeLaney’s full potential! 

Here are ways you can support DeLaney Community Farm:

  • Fund a Hoop House to expand the growing season and diversify crops
  • Expand our Footprint by providing more support and resources so we can expand sustainable production
  • Support the introduction of Transformative Integrative Farming with the addition of trees, animals, and crop rotation
  • Build the Delaney Learning Center to be a regional hub of environmental education for professionals and backyard gardeners alike

Thank you to our funder Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation.

To learn more about funding options or to support a project at DeLaney Community Farm, please contact Linda Appel Lipsius.