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DUG Advisory Council

Denver Urban Gardens has spent several decades building a robust network of community gardens across metro Denver.  As the organization evolves, we have identified six pillars of our work that go far beyond gardening:

Climate Change | Community | Health & Wellness | Skill Building | Food Access | Foodways

As we go deeper into these high-impact topics, we seek to both share our voice and hear from voices working in these critical areas beyond our hometown.

We are thrilled to announce the DUG Advisory Council, composed of nationally and globally recognized experts.

Advisory Council members provide guidance and thought partnership to DUG senior leadership and lift up our work through their networks. We also ask them from time to time to engage in educational opportunities and fundraising events.

Dana Bryson

Senior Vice President, Social Impact at

Zach Bush, MD

Physician, Research Scientist, Entrepreneur and internationally recognized educator and thought leader

Steve Culbertson

President & CEO, Youth Service America

Robert Egger

Nonprofit/Power Of Food Advocate & Dedicated Elder Ally

Ryland Englehart

Co-Founder + Executive Director at Kiss The Ground

Justin Evans

Global Head of Analytics & Insights, Samsung Ads

Beverly Grant

Founder, Mo' Betta Green MarketPlace

Daniela Ibarra-Howell

CEO and Co-Founder, Savory Institute

Jeff Krasno

Co-Founder, CEO + Podcast Host at Commune; Co-Founder + Executive Chairman at Wanderlust; Author; Conscious Capitalist

Laura J. Lawson

Executive Dean at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Executive Director of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Ashley Williamson

Chief Replication Officer, the Giving Grove