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Our 2023 Annual Gala Gather ‘Round Was A Great Success!

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Gather ‘Round such a success! We felt your love come together last Thursday to celebrate the impact of community gardens and highlight the work of community leaders in six impact areas: Community, Climate, Health & Wellness, Food Sovereignty, Ancestral Foodways, and Skill Building.

We are extremely grateful for our wonderful volunteers, who made the night a smooth and joyful celebration, and to all the community members, partners and supporters who made this event possible.

This year, we were honored to celebrate the work of:
 Sistaotey, the garden leader at Montview Community Garden for her continued dedication to building a strong Community
– The students at Denver Public School working on climate action to make the district more environmentally and socially responsible
– The food sovereignty work of the East Denver Food Sovereignty Initiative
– The commitment to Ancestral Food Ways by the community leaders at the DUG Pecos Garden
– The continues work of our partners The Giving Grove to promote skill building in fruit tree education across the country
– And the work of Dr. Jill Litt to elevate the positive health impact of community gardens through her research