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Local Food Ordinances

Residential Food Sales: The Colorado Cottage Food Act of 2012 allows gardeners to sell fresh produce and cottage foods (such as eggs, honey, and jams) from their places of residence with a permit. Additional resources here.

Denver Food-Producing Animals Ordinance (2011): Denver allows up to eight chickens or ducks plus two dwarf goats to be raised on a property, with a restricted livestock or fowl license. For more information and requirements.

Local Action Groups

Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council: The Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council (SFPC) is a body appointed by the Mayor to work towards making the local food system more sustainable. SFPC meetings are open to the public, and the SFPC website contains broad food policy information for the Denver area.

Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council (COFSAC): The COFSAC charge is to advance recommendations that strengthen healthy food access for all Coloradans through Colorado agriculture and local food systems and economies.

Plans & Reports on Food Policy

Denver Food Plan: Denver’s first-ever official Food Plan (with a 2020 Action Plan and 2030 Vision) is currently being compiled by the Office of Economic Development. 

Denver Dept. of Environmental Health Food Systems Report (2014)