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Making Impact at Tito’s Block to Block Party

Our Tito’s Block to Block Party was an immense success! Several organizations and individual volunteers joined together to build community, beautify green space, and set the stage for a fruitful gardening season.

For the 2024 Block to Block workday, volunteers supported in moving Mountain View International Community Garden into a new space. Originally established in 2010, Mountain View International Community Garden has prided itself on being welcoming to all gardeners. With gardeners representative of various cultural background, this garden is filled with incredible plants, from sesame leaf to several varieties of hot peppers.

With the commencement of an affordable housing project by Habitat for Humanity, the original land used for the garden is being transitioned into land for housing. This project involves the building of 20 new homes in the Havana Heights neighborhood of Aurora, right next to Mountain View Community Church.

This land-use change led to the need to move the community garden into a nearby space. That’s where Tito’s Block to Block Party came into play. For 1 full day, volunteers from Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Deloitte, and more came together to rebuild garden plots, level land, and paint plot numbers.

Tito’s Trivia

During the event, DUG organized various activities for volunteers, including rock painting and a trivia game!

You can play too!


  • How many times is Tito’s vodka distilled?
  • What is the name of Tito’s founder?
  • What is Tito’s slogan?
  • Where is Tito’s Handmade Vodka based?


  • 6 times
  • Tito Beveridge
  • Vodka for dog people
  • Austin, Texas

Photo Gallery (June 2024)

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