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DUG is grateful and proud to be partnering with Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation on our Baseline Infrastructure Initiative (BII). This holistic program is centered on supporting a thriving community garden by increasing equity across DUG’s entire network of 188 community gardens to ensure that all are resourced at an equitable level. Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation has been, and will continue to be, a key partner in these efforts.

Sprouts funding has supported a range of BII projects through the past year, and Alex, DUG’s Fransisco Cordero apprentice, will continue supporting these efforts through the winter months. Alex will continue to work with DUG’s various communities on the human infrastructure piece of the BII initiative by providing support to our most under-resourced gardens. Alex is also continuing to collaborate on physical infrastructure projects including building community spaces that include pergolas, seating, and outdoor classroom spaces, while actively leading volunteer groups to learn more about different aspects of the green industry.This partnership with Sprouts has enabled the reactivation of the Goldrick Elementary Community Garden to make it more of a welcoming space. Students and local youth love working on the garden, and much-needed restoration has been made including reframing and replacing old plot edging, repaving pathways with weed barriers, adding plant pollinators and seedlings for planting, working with Denver Public Schools to make the fencing and entryway more welcoming with art and perennials, and providing support for programming and teachers at the Goldrick School.

Sprouts has also supported BII water infrastructure that includes water tank delivery and installation at the Beeler and Sanctuary Gardens. Additionally, improvements have been made at the Asian Pacific Development Center Community Garden that include pergolas and seating.

DUG is also thrilled to share that Sprouts Growing School Gardens Summit is happening for the first time in Denver this year. This Summit is a gathering designed to support the diversity of our shared work and strengthen the school garden movement at local and national levels so that all children and youth can have vibrant, resilient school garden programs.

We can’t wait to continue this collaboration with Sprouts over the next two years as we build community and work together to make urban gardening more equitable for all.