We dig DUG!

Here at Denver Urban Gardens, we’ve been blessed with amazing folks who have let us into their lives. Here’s just a few stories from folks who dig DUG. Just click on their photo to learn more!

“I love my neighborhood, and want to be part of making it healthier. DUG showed me how I can do that.” – Miguel Martinez

“The food from my garden now tastes better, knowing the people who benefit from it.” – West Washington Park Community Garden Gardener

“We dig DUG for encouraging our communities to have fun, work together, and get a little dirty in the process.” – MAD Greens

“I can’t imagine what my life would look like without our garden and orchard.” – Kurtis Keele, Garden Leader

“I received from garden leaders pounds of produce but also wisdom; an invitation to listen; and a true understanding of generosity.” – Emily Frost, Former Director of Garden Support

Research Proves that Community Gardens Work!

“It was inspirational to see our students, who often struggle because of their illnesses, so engaged and solving problems thanks to our partnership with DUG.” – Jen McCullough, Principal of Morgridge Academy at National Jewish Health

“And, we are always proud and amazed with the abundance of food that we are able to share with our neighbors.” – Kristy Sawyer, Samuels School Community Garden Co-Founder

“It is DUG’s commitment to growing community that inspires us to volunteer, share our knowledge with others, and to GROW.” – Little Sprouts Community Garden Garden Leader