Yu Meh Community Farmer Training Program

DeLaney offers an intensive, educational training program on sustainable, community farming through the following positions: Community Farm Internship, Community Farm Apprenticeship, and Community Farmer. Participants may be invited back to DeLaney for additional seasons, and may be chosen for the next level, based on leadership qualities and a desire to further the learning process.

The Community Farm Internship serves as an excellent introduction to DeLaney’s sustainable farming, community food security, and educational programming.

We view the Community Farm Apprenticeship as the next step. We believe it can serve as a launching pad towards next steps in your career. The Community Farm Apprenticeship combines hands-on work training with formal classroom education, and leadership roles. It builds on the Community Farm Internship, and offers more instruction and experience in the areas of sustainable agriculture planning and community-based, food access programming, and educational program design and implementation. We take pride in tailoring training to apprentice interests, and in this way can show our thanks for your hard work on our farm.

Community Farmers are valued and trusted members of our DeLaney team. Leaders continue to gain knowledge, experience, and are provided with leadership roles. Leaders take on responsibilities and managerial tasks that require a higher skill level. Additionally, the Farm Director and Assistant Farm Director aid Leaders in obtaining similar jobs in the community.

These positions offer individuals, of all ages and backgrounds, opportunities for job training, education, and community development skills. Priority is given to our Community Partner Program members. However, we occasionally have other positions available, for those with a vested interest in food access, sustainable agriculture and community development through food programs. Please see our internship & employment page here for details.

Learn more about Yu Meh from the video below, created by our friends and partners at Project Worthmore.