Gardens Keep Community Growing

By August 11, 2010 posts

Rosedale garden leader Dave Conant was honored as an Everyday Hero by Channel 7. In addition to his longtime leadership in the garden, Dave helps coordinate a produce donation program for Project Angel Heart. From the article:

“For some people it is growing something to help feed their family. For others they may be going through a tough time, they are carrying heavy burdens. So, for them this garden is a refuge they some here for healing and a recharge and renewal,” said Conant.

Denver Urban Gardens produces a sense of community that often benefits people beyond the neighborhood. The Rosedale community garden near Logan and Iliff, where Conant gives his time, collects food for a nonprofit called Project Angel Heart.

“Project Angel Heart provides hot meals, seven days a week to people who are gravely ill,” said Conant.

Thanks to Conant’s leadership, the project got 3,000 pounds of fresh produce last year alone.

“He is a tireless worker, he leads by example, he is the most encouraging garden worker you would want to meet,” said Michael Buchenau, Denver Urban Gardens Executive Director.

“Gardening here is the love of my life. It provides purpose, it provides meaning, and it makes me feel young again,” said Conant.

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Thanks to Dave and to every other DUG volunteer for the great work that you do!