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What garlic is to food, insanity is to art. – Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Garlic, the heart and soul of so many savory dishes, requires some planning on the part of farmers and gardeners. Less than a week after the season end, staff and volunteers at DeLaney Community Farm were putting garlic in the ground for the 2011 season.

Bucket of garlic, ready for planting.

Faatma plugging elephant garlic into the ground.

Letitia follows, tucking in the cloves for winter.

Danielle covers the freshly planted rows with straw.

Kevin, a DeLaney volunteers, assists with straw mulching. Volunteers like Kevin are crucial to DeLaney’s success.

With the garlic field ready to go, the DeLaney farm community can look forward to a delicious harvest in 2011. Craving garlic? Celebrate this Thanksgiving with garlic roasted winter squash, a quick, easy, and mouth watering autumn dish:

Garlic Roasted Winter Squash

Makes 2 servings

This recipe is great for smaller squash varieties that can be halved and then eaten as boats. Delicata, acorn, and small butternut squash work well.

1 small winter squash, halved and seeded

4 cloves garlic

Olive oil or butter


Optional: sage, oregano, or thyme

Preheat oven to 400°F. Place the squash halves cut-side up on a baking sheet, and place two whole garlic cloves, and a sprinkle of herbs, if using, in the hollow space of each squash. Brush the flesh of the squash with olive oil or butter and then add about a tablespoon of oil or butter to the hollow space along with the garlic. Sprinkle with salt and roast until squash is tender when poked with a fork, and the garlic is soft and beginning to brown (roasting times depend on squash size). To eat, mash the garlic into the squash with a fork.