Helping Kids Get Healthy

A Workshop Series for Youth Educators

The Helping Kids Get Healthy educator workshop series is designed for classroom teachers, as well as volunteers, who support and facilitate youth education that has a garden component. The workshops will introduce educators to the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Gardens curriculum, which will be modeled throughout the series. During each workshop, the DUG education team will discuss how the school garden can be used as an educational tool to teach the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards. A portion of each workshop will cover best practices for outdoor classroom management. Attendees will learn how the garden is an extension of the classroom that can be used to encourage students to explore, ask questions and connect to the natural world around them.

These workshops are for teachers, program managers and volunteers who support and facilitate youth education programs with a nutrition and/or garden component. Individuals who want to get more involved in teaching youth are also welcome to participate.

Are you an employee of Denver Public Schools or Jefferson County Public Schools? If so, you can earn professional development credit for participating in a HKGH workshop! Please contact us at to learn more about this opportunity.

We’d like to thank the Community First Foundation and Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation for their generous support of the Helping Kids Get Healthy Educator Workshop Series!