Helping Kids Get Healthy

A Workshop Series for Youth Educators

The Helping Kids Get Healthy workshops are designed for classroom teachers, as well as volunteers who work in youth education programs that focus on nutrition and gardening. Join DUG’s Education Team to learn different ways to use your school garden and how to teach standard aligned and hands-on lessons comprehensive health, science, math and literacy. Each workshop highlights unique, seasonally-appropriate lessons from DUG’s Healthy Bodies, Healthy Gardens Curriculum

These workshops are for teachers, program managers and volunteers who support and facilitate youth education programs with a nutrition and/or garden component. Individuals who want to get more involved in teaching youth are also welcome to participate.

These workshops are not:

  • About how to start a school or community garden. (If you would like information on starting a garden, please contact us here.)
  • About home gardening as an individual or with your family.

2018 Workshops

February 22nd: Grow Lab & Seed Starting
Want to start your own seedlings this year? It’s cheaper than buying transplants and you can start unusual varieties that you may not find elsewhere. In this workshop, we will guide you through the process, provide the materials, and send you home with a grow lab that you can use to start seedlings. Learn when to start different seeds, how to plant, water, thin, maintain and provide correct lighting.

In Colorado, we must start some vegetables indoors in early spring in order to get a full harvest during the growing season. Such plants include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts and some herbs.

This grow lab is 24” x 20” x 26” and can fit easily on a tabletop or on the floor. It breaks down after use for easy storage in the off-season. This set-up is perfect for use at home or in a classroom.

Don’t need a grow lab? Join us for just the second part of this workshop to learn how to start seeds indoors (6:30 – 7:30pm).

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March 15th: Overview of DUG Curriculum
Join the DUG education team to learn different ways to connect the classroom to the school garden and teach hands-on lessons in gardening and nutrition. In this workshop we will overview the DUG curriculum, how our lessons align to the Colorado Academic Standards in science and comprehensive health, and provide tips on how to engage your students in the school garden.

DUG’s curriculum provides experiential learning opportunities for student inquiry and investigation into health, earth and life sciences, math, literacy, and social science. Our seasonal approach to teaching bridges gardening, nutrition, and science using standards-aligned lessons for the elementary school classroom and garden. Each lesson includes the applicable Colorado Academic Standards in science and comprehensive health with suggested extensions and modifications. Most of our lessons are one hour and include a healthy, kid-tested recipe that is appropriate for the classroom, topic, and season.

Join the DUG educational team in learning how to use the school garden in the classroom. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to lead hands-on and engaging lessons in your school garden that inspire and motivate students
  • How to incorporate garden-based lessons into your classroom, and how these lessons align to Standards

Take home:

  • Inspiration and strategies for success from DUG and other educators
  • Healthy, kid-tested recipes
  • A packet containing DUG lessons and resources

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April 14th: Organic Gardening with Youth

Join the DUG education team to learn best practices for gardening with students. Learn to set up a garden space that will encourage students to explore, ask questions and connect to the natural world around them. Learn activities to engage student’s curiosity and enthusiasm while introducing them to fundamental ideas in environmental and life science, health, math and literacy.

This is a hands-on workshop so we ask all participants to come prepared to work outside in the garden!

Join the DUG educational team in learning worm composting in the classroom. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Best practices for managing your classroom in the school garden
  • Best practices for gardening with your students to teach academic standards

Take home:

  • An activity packet with lessons that utilize the school garden as an educational tool to teach academic standards

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November 8th: Worm Composting in the Workshop
By November the garden is winding down, and we start to shift our focus to garden-related lessons in the indoor classroom. In this workshop, we walk you through the process of assembling and caring for a worm bin. Learn how to connect your worm bin to life cycle and decomposition lessons, and work with your students to create compost throughout the winter, which can be used in the springtime garden.

Join the DUG educational team in learning worm composting in the classroom. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to start and maintain a healthy worm bin in the classroom
  • Simple ways to incorporate life and earth science standards into lessons involving the garden

Take home:

  • A worm bin and a pound of worms (we will coordinate pick up of worms after the workshop)
  • An activity packet with lessons that utilize the worm bin, facts on worm composting, and more

What past participants have said:

  • “So many great ideas on how to start worm composting and fun ways to keep the kids engaged.”
  • “I now feel confident in starting, maintain, and harvesting a worm bin in the classroom.”
  • “Very practical information – the do’s and don’ts of having a worm bin in the classroom were particularly helpful.”

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We’d like to thank Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation for their generous support of the Helping Kids Get Healthy Educator Workshop Series!