DUG To-Grow Boxes

UPDATE: WE ARE SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone who purchased a box and supported this initiative.

We will be offering no-contact drive-thru pick-up at one of our nine distribution sites on Tuesday, May 12th. Limited delivery options available for those who are homebound, immunocompromised, or with other special needs.


What is a To-Grow Box?

Our new To-Grow Boxes provide just about everything families need to get started growing food to sustain themselves through the summer months and into the fall.  No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, our To-Grow Boxes are perfect for community garden plots, your yard, and even containers. All you need is soil and basic planting tools!

What do To-Grow Boxes include?

Seeds + Seedlings

Each To-Grow box comes with 20 seedlings & 10 seed packets of nutrient-dense plants, including vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We’ll include everything to get you started in May, as well as what you’ll need for a second planting in July!

Planting Layout and Succession Plan 

Our  To-Grow Boxes are designed to maximize your land and resources. Each To-Grow Box comes with 2 custom 10′ x 10′ plot planting layouts so you can plant in both May and July for harvest throughout the summer into the fall.

Planting Resources and Online Support 

We are committed to continuing to provide the education and resources needed to grow gardeners throughout our communities. Your purchase of a To-Grow box ensures you access to DUG’s new online community and expert DUG resources to support you as grow your own food.

Your To-Grow Box includes seedlings, seeds, a planting layout, plant care guide, and access to our online resources! All you need is soil, tools, and a space to grow.
No space for a garden? Let us know when you order your To-Grow Box and we’ll contact you to connect you with a community garden.

Buy One, Give One.

Support DUG in our goal to distribute No-Cost To-Grow Boxes to local families facing food insecurity!

Donate a To-Grow Box to a family facing food insecurity in the Denver-Metro area.

Facing economic hardship? Apply for a no-cost To-Grow Box.

Thanks to generous funding from Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, we are scaling our ability to offer no-cost To-Grow Boxes to local families facing food insecurity. Learn more about our partnership and apply for a free To-Grow Box here.  Haga clic aqui por español.

Able to financially support DUG?


Donate the cost of one or more To-Grow Boxes and we’ll work with our community partners to ensure each To-Grow Box is given to a family facing food insecurity in the Metro Denver area.

All levels of support make a difference. Consider partially funding a To-Grow Box to help us continue our work and power our people.