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Free Seeds & Transplants Program


Every spring, Denver Urban Gardens provides free vegetable 
seeds and transplants to individuals, families, schools, and community organizations in order to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food. 

The application period for 2015 has closed. Click here to receive an email reminder for the 2016 program. 

How it Works:  

  1. Locate your closest distribution center. Click here for a list and map of centers. 

  2. Applications are available at distribution centers in January 2015. Individuals interested in receiving free seeds and transplants can pick up applications from any of our 40 distribution centers. If you are applying on behalf of a group, you can pick up a group application from the Denver Urban Gardens office. 

    Group Applications: Denver Urban Gardens offers group applications to make the application process simpler for those applying on behalf of schools, classrooms, educational organizations, human service oriented organizations, faith-based organizations, and community garden donation programs. Group applicants are eligible for a larger number of seeds and transplants per application. Denver Urban Gardens' serves as a distribution center for both individual and group applications. Click here to learn more.

  3. Submit your application to the same distribution center by January 30th, 2015. Late applications will not be accepted. 

  4. Denver Urban Gardens processes the applications and fills the orders once all applications have been received.

  5. Seeds are available for pickup from distribution centers on March 11th. Transplants are available for pickup from distribution centers in mid-May.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Seeds and Transplants program?
    In-need individuals and families may apply for the Seeds and Transplants program. In particular, fixed income seniors and low-income families are encouraged to apply. Gardeners who are growing for food banks or food assistance programs are also encouraged to apply. Groups are eligible to apply using our group applications. 
  • Are the seeds and transplants intended for home or community gardens?
    Both! The Free Seeds and Transplants Program is intended to provide all eligible applicants with free seeds and transplants for use in their garden, whether it’s a backyard garden at their home or a community garden in their neighborhood.
  • How many applications may I submit each year?
    Participants may submit one application per household.
  • If I applied last year can I participate in the program again the following year?
    Yes! Residents in-need are encouraged to apply each and every year.
  • When will applications be available for the 2015 season?
    Applications for the 2015 program will be available in January, 2015 from your nearest distribution center. Click here to receive an email reminder when applications for the 2015 program are available. 
  • Where should I pick up my application?
    Applications are available at distribution centers. Click here for a list and map of 2015 Distribution Centers. 
  • Why can't I fill out an application online?
    We require hard copy applications to ensure that program participants follow through with picking up their seeds and transplants. We have found that pick-up rates for seeds and transplants are greatly increased when using hard copy applications. This helps us to make the program more efficient so that we are able to serve more individuals. Applications are printed on recycled paper and are recycled after use. 

  • What quality are the seeds and transplants and where do they come from?
    Various seed companies donate the seed packets for this program, which is why you may see many different seed brands and varieties in your seed order. Many of the seeds provided through this program are organic; however, all seeds are untreated and non-GMO (not genetically modified). Additionally, some seeds will be marked for the previous year. These seeds are still great for planting, though we do recommend seeding more heavily. Denver Urban Gardens purchases seeds from local seed companies to fill gaps in seed donations. All of the transplants are grown organically by a local greenhouse. 

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